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Mars Diner the Novel: Secret Ingredient or Mixture?
Jenny Jamie Ferenczi

10 05 2015

LOG LINE: When brave EC a minor is unfortunately left home alone because her adoptive family is lost on an international peace mission, but fortunately instead, she is guided watching the city's small animal antics and gets to see two sides by inspirational input from her cat Pixie's alter ego, a pink ambitious cat Mitzy.  


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The information in this book is a fictional exploration, which may or may not reflect the author’s imagination, experiences, and opinions, which are not intended to replace medical advice, so consult your physician before any nutritional or exercise changes.

No animals or humans were injured during the writing of this fictional book, and it is not based on any persons, places, or things.



Mars Diner the Novel: Secret Ingredient or Mixture? is a present day comedy, with both character driven narrative and screenplay weaved into one coming of age journey of a girl sketching animal antics right from nature during the four seasons of a city. By author Jenny Jamie Ferenczi.


A brief description of Mars Diner the Novel: Secret Ingredient or Mixture?:

It is a good day!: when, everyone can find grandiose opportunities in an integrity-filled and safe city.

This is a present day fictional character driven coming of age story, and in Mars DIner the Novel: Secret Ingredient or Mixture? first edition draft two volumes of 510 pages, you'll read exposition that I hope you'll warm up to that is leading up to the introduction of my up-and-coming daily comic strip's protagonist's character.

Unchaperoned coming-of-age EC explores to understand her opportunities of love, carrier for income, diet, and inexpensive home remedy health solutions based on Socrates words that food is medicine, but she is not completely alone, because EC gets inspirational guidance through her cat Pixie's alter ego's know-it-all pink Mitzy and also learns watching the city's community of small animals that she feeds at her home, while she is blessed to sketch nature and their antics of squirrels, sparrows, bluejays, cardinal, and raccoons whom visit.

However, there is never one solution to anything when there are so many varying thoughts on cost efficient home remedies, so EC thinks like a designer trying to solve her heath situations.  

Inevitably, there is total confusion, until her prayers are magically answered to guide her every steps to overcome back pain and any health situation.

Because it's not easy being home alone, so positive EC must parade as a mature of age adult who work's cleaning and doing handy-man repairs, not to lose her family's bit of landlord income, while going to school and attending extra curricular activities.

The book's main characters, protagonist EC's whose real life cat Pixie has an alter ego, know-it-all reflective Mitzy that communicates to EC in cartoon clouds, like Mitzy's voice, which EC hears, while Ms. Charlie, Caesar, and his sister Ms. Mary Elizabeth are local squirrels, who are also EC's friends. However, Pierre and Girlfriend are Pigeons, and EC learns from them all.

The purpose of this book's intention is to educate myself and also share newer discovered presently in the media's eye innovative health ideas, in the beginnings of exploration, which is what the reader may hope to learn by reading this book, which is also exposition to be continue as a daily comic sample strip at www.jamieferenczi.ca or www.marsdiner.ca, so please leave a detailed message at (416)654-6006 to syndicate or option any art or story by JJ Ferenczi Design Ltd., Jenny Jamie Ferenczi, art .

Described simply, it's the journey of motivated EC's discovering old but new ways, which I also have gained this knowledge too during my research feeding small weaker animals, making discoveries watching their real life daily antics.

In the continuing process of writing this book, I've learned and continue to learn to help myself too and to feel really good about any new insights. I've slowed down to enjoy what value is around me is how I've really changed as an author who grows along with my protagonist EC learning to become a better person.

My research process includes printed and media communications, online browsing, taking guitar, singing, and line dance at continuing education night classes.

My included acknowledgements range from respected colleagues to friends to family members to Charlie my father and Mary my mother.

Thought process and lengthy time span of effort put into Mars Diner the Novel project is still inspiring me to learn more, so volume three is already in progress, while I'm also continuing researching diet for Mars Diner's screenplay menu, which is based on Socrates words, "Food is medicine,’ the theme that drives this story and protagonist EC; plus, it has driven me since Mars Diner's concept's first inception in 1998, I felt it was necessary to come up with a perfect healthy menu worthy to serve good people visiting Mars DIner.

I have been crafting Mars Diner the screenplay and it's brand since its conception in 1998, but have been writing Mars Diner the Novel for only a few years, particularly, to create exposition and a genre to begin Mars Diner the Comic Strip, an exposition style for a present day coming of age comic strip that I will both option and syndicate.

Any suggestions about how to read this book will be only for e-pub online reading, or if there is to be any special instructions, it will be connecting to links to see how EC's sketches progress in four seasons.


If you choose to write a Forward for Mars DIner the Novel: Secret Ingredient or Mixture? It is because you are a doctor, director, producer, publisher, writer, or someone with a recognizable name, who's well known to introduce author Jenny Jamie Ferenczi's work to the world. They can write about a chapter in the book, the book as a whole, or about the author's work in general. If you know the author personally, talk about this relationship; if you don't, you could discuss how the author's work has affected your life or the importance of the work you're introducing. If you are writing a foreword for a new edition of this book, it's common to talk about what's different in the current edition or the impact of the book, but overall, there are no hard and fast rules about forewords. Only to be creative and have fun!

Below is an sample idea of my writing style, but to read the backstory, it is in volume one and two.


Positively poetic EC says, "Gone are the hot summer days; when, doves resting on my roof top, like sun bathers, are looking to cool themselves."

Smiling EC remembers one dove who even rests on one wing, while raising and outstretching its other wing high in the air, as if saying hello to another dove off in the distance.

Happy EC continues to reflect on a good summer, admiring the smarts of a dove, catching the breeze coming up from the lake.

After putting out the animals breakfast, most early mornings, in the sunroom, with her animal friends, EC sits relaxing for a moment either sipping a morning cafe late or sometimes a lemon tea, "I don't understand it completely even after a few years of diet and health remedy studies, but I try to see what my body needs every day before making a food or drink choice. Today it cafe latte."

In her favorite sun room breakfast nook, EC notices that it begins to cool down really fast outside, "There are more Blue Jays coming in for peanuts during this fall season, "Here is fall like new again, but always so beautiful to me. However where are all the colorful leaves?"

Pixie is listening to EC and eating her morning breakfast with EC.

EC says, "Winter is coming on, so I've got to figure this out." EC continues relaxing, drinking morning coffee, and looking out onto her sun deck to see what to draw.

Mitzy asks, "Figure what out? How to color leaves?"

EC, "I need to figure out more inexpensive health solutions for my new comic strip I want to do. It can be a how to this and how to that kinda comic strip."

Mitzy, "Isn't two years figuring out a surgery free, pill, or cream option to your debilitating lower back spine crushing nerve pain enough health solution for you?

EC says, "I want to help other good people now to find out more stuff, so I and they can help themselves inexpensively. So health is accessible to rich and poor; plus, I want to find out how cortisol and stress can better be managed with food, lifestyle changes, and exercise.

"I want to learn more simple changes."

Mitzy, "Like understanding that anti-bacterials are acidic drying up microbial virus, mold, mildew, bacteria and other tiny unseen stuff; until, its side effects are felt and seen.

EC, "Eating away at proteins too, just as acidic lemons are said to break up repetitive friction calluses formed on the bottom of our feet,

Mitzy, "But there is the same damaging effects breathing in acidic anti bacterials to a person

EC, "But I have heard it said that plants are the safest of anti bacterials, and not chemical formulas, if it is breathed in.

"By finding and after noticing simple activity triggers for reoccurring back pain and by being aware of the dry acidic anti bacterials and other toxins in the air, you know both these seem to be acidic; when any of these situations occur, I definitely like to play it safe by hydrating with milk and or eat some hydration and protein fat filled food.

"Because my heavy muscle straining landlord activities that or a few days before deteriorates and strains my core, which then needs resistance exercise and some protein to rebuild is my grand preventative solution.

"However, when it's too late or I have an branch in the eye accident, ibuprofen or what every pain reliever hospitals recommend will have to do.

Cayenne cream mixture helps relieve pain, but I'm not putting it in my eye.

Heavy awkward lifting was always my lower back pain trigger. I'm so happy I discovered a protein solution in cow's milk rebuilds me right away. I can even go lift confidently lift another Jeep tire for my friend, any time, but it will cost at least a bag of milk or peanuts.

I'm just learning body chemistry and science of the simplicity of acid and PH balancing foods, by looking in the mirror to see the skin changes, especially noticed when effect by drying chemical or aroma solution used everywhere for cleaning.

Acid and PH balancing foods are the resolve depending on food intake, exerting physical activity or not,  or even the environment's air we breath is  acid because of chemical fumes that can eat away at muscle and fat too, unknowing to the average person.

Unless you are doing the same thing every day on some isolated farm or desert, in a city it and everything is a bit different.

Because of all the different excess various sources of electronic radiation, natural and man made toxic and healing fumes coming from environment, and even from different needs of people inside a home, like fumes even are going through vents inside the house every day effect health, so indeed, every day needs to be a different day of choices of listening to the body's natural signs and watching triggers.

I don't think I could become comfortable with any solution, except always to be aware of my surroundings, because what might be good for someone, might slowly be killing someone else.

Mitzy sarcastically says, "Cutting some acidic foods and aroma stuff entering into mucus tissue that go to the lung and by-pass the liver and digestive system will safe you a lot off money on protein you need to eat."

Mitzy continues, "I mean if it's not breaking protein down you don't need new stuff. It, the body, just needs to be preserved."

EC, "How can I do that without vinegar or sugary sweet or salt or cinnamon all used as preservatives, but maybe all acidic, except oil, olive oil? Or any oil?"

Mitzy, "So must be good to be thin when not wound healing."

EC wonders, "What exactly do you mean?"

EC thinks, "Wheat may make me sluggish, but it sure is good with wound healing my over-danced, left foot."


EC hears and notice a Buick pigeon kookle-do-del-doing and chasing a smaller look-a-like pigeon around the deck banister to go behind the large canvas, The Shadow of the Sunflower" privacy painting.

The pigeons settle down, and EC continues, "Because the temperature changes, I think, so should I. I should even eat different in each season, but I don't know how."  

EC says, "Because I don't presently understand what causes my body's chemistry to change. I'm not into no hard set permanent secret ingredient, or any lemony acidic solution to break up proteins on any regular basis. Because some days, I don't need it! Especially, when there is acidity in the air. It's protein eating air inside or outside fumes or foods consumed that are too acidic, it needs a remedy of more hydration, proteins, fats and exercise to build up and repair dried or cracked muscle breakdowns. Especially, important to keep maintaining if you are a thinner person without any fat. Maybe, only the stress belly fat, which is different issue.

Also, I'm fascinated of how God's creation of the body and how it functions.

But then maybe the body becomes like soup when hot, so the fat goes to the outer layer when our bodies are cold just like soup's fat raises to the top when in the fridge.  Also, all soups liquids divided when cold or cooled, by adsorb together in a hot bowl of soup.  

Why it has been said by television doctors that the positioning of the arms clasped together releases more estrogen than a pill, so what if this also happens to the whole body immersed in a prolonged major temperature change inside or outside could this be considered when considering healing choices?  I wonder in addition to cold being anti-inflammatory at times like genital parts shrinking, but or could cold temperatures also change the body during winter to become like a wooden door stuck between a door Jam of winter's hard moving ground and concrete pressing at it. and become inflamed at time.

Well!" says Mitzy, Let me interject.  Maybe, inflammatory depends on how long you stay out in the cold like if you drink to much coffee it puts some people to sleep because they have used up all their yesterdays stored up energy source, which morning coffee drinkers are said to tap into for energy.

Mitzy goes, "What if there is no energy stored up?"

EC says, "I'll need to data search that.  However, a five minute wholesome, work-out burst of cleaning always energies me when I feel I'm giving back, taking care of the animals, while seeing their joy, but I do like my energizing activator, morning coffee and milk combination, a latte. 

EC says, "However, I worry how to pay for all of this joyous work?  All these non-predator, good animals mean so much to me that I worry about them."

Mitzy wonders, "The temperature outside?" 

Cleaning all day yesterday, and after another rainy morning, EC watches Buick Pigeon alone eating the sunflower seeds that she just lay out for the chirping sparrows, instead of the fermented sunflower seeds EC threw onto the roof yesterday late afternoon.

I wonder is that last visit of Girlfriends with her new gang friend pointing south was her way of saying see you in spring time. I'm so happy she found a good group of friends.

Thinking all the animals have left for the winter, EC begins to tear up, but then on the deck at the sliding door entrance, a very quick talking pigeon, starts walking in circles and throat all enflamed, while claiming territory, "Kook-a-kook-kook-a-do," to another look-a-like Buick .

There is a loud howl. It's a windy fall morning, while EC is watching all the tiny sparrows perched eating around the sunflower dishes that is just out side her sliding door.

Seated quietly and still sipping coffee, EC is at a bird's eye perspective, so she is looking at the deck floor. At her perspective the deck floor is above them, it looks like a mirror or some glass reflection," says squinting EC trying hard to see what it is inside the squirrel fort snug against the deck fence.

She looks to the right and the left of the rectangular two-by-four frame mirror size or glass of some sort the size of a hand phone or what looks like an image mostly colorful, clear, bright light green Cherry tree leaves surrounded by black.

"What is that?" says EC.

Still seated, looking up above the banister to the leaves back down to the squirrel fort. EC sees, "It's not inside but the fence opening between the flower pot and the squirrel fort.

EC gets an idea to cup her one hand and look threw it, "This way a distant object comes in clear focus," while EC looks back and forth to the hole surrounded by black and up to the leaves of the cherry tree. Through her cupped single hand, a pinhole binocular to look through, Ms. Elizabeth squirrel surprisingly appears like a bear image on a Loony coin, while EC is looking through the circle of her cupped right hand.

EC can see more details on Ms. Elizabeth's face, looking in wonder to what EC is up to; when, she puts her right hand down and sees a cut on her wrist.

Thinking and looking at the power of God's love, just after missing but cutting between her two main wrist arteries that half-inch-space is there to remind her.

But she also remembers that one early morning when cutting her wrist accidently with glass that thick blood flowed out , but days late, outside when cleaning EC also cut a finger with glass but thin blood flowed.

EC wonders, "Could it be my blood was thinner one day because the air is so acid outside, or did I eat more blood thinning foods that day that are also acidic?"

Next, I need to understand what kind of blood flow I need during different temperatures and for different healing, relaxing or what ever.

After just having cleaned up again and again after the animals, proud EC looks at the cleaned up deck untreated cedar floor where a large crack is filled with empty peanut shells and sunflower seeds are.

Scratching her head, EC says, "I wonder what the animals are up too? Who did that? Whether it's the raccoons whom likes to put stuff in water or was it the sparrows fermentation concoction soaking in fresh rain water?"

Experimenting with heating different densities of cocoa butter added to honey, EC is determined to learn more of the bodies chemistry and biological sciences to help her make the right choices in healing foods. While stirring, this time she adds only one quarter cocoa powder that she pours into tin foil molds press with heart shapes.

After freezing for a bit, EC sees all the ingredients separated into colored layers, the light brown crunchy waxy foundation is lathered on by a caramel creamy center between a cocoa butter sandwich and a dark cocoa powder creamy chocolate cover.

See-see short for Caesar See-see squirrel comes running in chased by two other smaller black squirrels. See-see with his mouth grabs the small dish off nuts and spreads them all over the deck. The two squirrels casing See-see and they stop to case after rolling hazel nuts, while the other new squirrel sniffs out peanuts.

Hearing See-see' familiar whimper distress sound, quickly EC comes out to stop the new ones bothering poor See-see, who hasn't been the same since disappearing for at least a month. What looks as if See-see' has a light strip of belly fur like a horizontal slice cut in the middle of his gut.

EC says, "What ever awful thing could have happened to poor See-see I think it made him shaky, like with Parkinson, or he's like a shaky little old man drunk on fermented apples from the basket out at the back of the yard.

Amazed EC say, "Wow! Those nuts are helping you think quickly and move faster coming up with a quick peace plan strategy.

"Maybe, human peace could be as simple and similar. Peace is what Charlie always wanted in an international way.

EC day dreams of when her and Charlie first meet, "Yes, Pixie, my lovely lovely kitty, after floating in the middle of the smaller of two lakes school's conservation park, I was half way through and not able to swim anymore to the other side; when, I promised God always to be good just before I came to life again washed up onto the beach magically.

From my face laying in the sand, I heard a sweet boys voice, and I raised my head just a bit to see his hands on my running shoes. Which I left on the dock on the other side of the lake, so I wondered. I looked higher up as he took my hand to help me, and it was the first time I saw Charlie.

I asked Charlie how did I get here onto the desolate beach, and he said I swam, but I said God put me there because I don't remember doing the swimming, but just remembered that I was about to sink, but I promised God that I would be good for life.

"I seen you swim," charming Charlie said.

From that beach, Charlie took me over to swim and play together with other school kids, who were jumping off this fabulous floating dock in the larger or two lakes at Hearty Conservation Park.

It was the best day in my life to meet my angel Charlie.

Mitzy says, "Indeed, the nut represents: coming up with a good distraction."

Outside it's cold and windy, but inside with the furnace up, it's warm inside.

EC watches the cherry tree branches make big swaying movements, unlike the gentle cool breezes of summer. EC says, "It's strange that none of the Maple of Cherry tree's leaves have started changing color, and it's already into October."

EC feels pretty stupid to think that a tiny squirrel needs to teach her how to feed animals. It seems for a true paradise of all the local small animals eating peacefully together, each need a spread of their favorite protein-fat-salty-sweet treats, so EC says, "For Charlie's world peace solution; what if it's as simple as each person having disposable income, a home, good entertainment the right happy foods combined could that get world peace?."

Know-it-all Mitzy, "Paradise, is not for every one, You are not going to get all the votes, with that idea. You try telling that to a guy or gal who makes their living making or selling guns to keep their idea of peace.

EC says, "If they think that way, I can guarantee you this, they are not going to want to loose their income. I know how hard making a bit of income is."

EC, "Yes it would."

Mitzy's carriage helicopter, stops suddenly, and pauses, while hovering around the dinning chandelier. Mitzy shouts out over the helicopter propellor sound, "Only, if that assassin killer person had an income great than now."

"What if they had a way to feel more peaceful and playful? Like when you get me good catnip. Then they could think their way out of anger, which is what any individual needs to kill.


EC at the same time as Mitzy says, "Anger?"

EC says, "I can't believe you can even imagine to want to kill any other human being when one is happy, unless in self defense."

"I feel like a predator looking to survive, but I am trying to transition into this paradise of lovely animals, and being with them makes me feel guilty to eat any animal.

Because I love them all dearly, I really need to find a grain, lentil or protein, fat combination or some animal replacement meat source solution soon. But the closest thing to the answer is peanuts and sunflower seeds, combined with millet are what the birds are liking favoring peanuts and sunflower over millet at this time of year, the Fall season."

In the evening for the first time, EC tries out the puffed Millet, and EC says, "I hope this may be a good protein packed grain, which I can, not replace but use more off. Because the wheat digest so slowly, which inevetably ferments when water is a added, "which is why I think it causes so much bloating in my warm moist stomach environment, just like need to raise yeast leaven wheat bread.

EC tastes some crisp pork belly that she roasted the evening before; then, EC has some millet porridge, boiled for ten minuets and simmer for one hour.

EC says, "I think, I also need some of this homogenized milk fat too," which EC pours over her new trial of morning breakfast porridge. "

Driving her baby carriage helicopter, a really loud though bubble appears, Mitzy, "Variety is good, but it's already 11:59 a.m. and I'm up for my favorite."

EC, "Then how come you always have the same can of food everyday? There is never any variety pack for my pussy cat."

As Mitzy propels out of the dinning room, down the stairs, Mitzy's voice fades into the distance saying, "A grand quality that is that I'm a loyal meat-and-fish kind of kitty."

EC, "You know they do have grain fillers in the can too."

For sweet Pixie flicking her tail onto EC's ankle, EC places down onto the floor a bowl of her canned favorite .

By night, the raccoon trio are coming earlier and earlier for peanuts.

EC sketches and looks at them eating out of the plates on the deck.

They're not scared anymore. The are all looking back at EC as if they're comfortably sitting on a couch, while watching TV and eating buttered popcorn.

Because raccoons can't seem to see with the one light from the outside and inside sunroom light, as they feel and smell their way to the peanut in the dish with their big black paw hands.

EC says to them, "Oh! It's so cute to look at. They are so sweet, like pointy nose dogs crunching on a treat, but instead of brown eyes they are beady black like the squirrels. I wonder if squirrels can see?".

She opens the sliding door, and the raccoons run to hid in the corner.

EC puts out some more peanuts, "Actually, it seems warmer out this evening than it was during the day.'

When EC closes the door, right away all the raccoons come out of their dark corners and they get comfortable under the single light.

EC watches how the sit like plush toy teddy bears at a large bird dish of sunflower seeds and peanuts. "

"Wow!" EC says, "I couldn't ever even have imagined that there could be something this cute hanging out on our families balcony all these years.

Next morning, EC feels like beginning her day cutting a lemon slice to put in warm water, "To break up mucus I feel being to block my nasal passage areas, I guess coming on from possibly a cold virus entering."

After drinking her tea, she sees her stomach has bloated a bit more, "I'm convinced that a little bloating is good acidic activity, which will break up any hard particle congestion in my GI."

Mitzy says, "Of coarse! Now you look like a tree with a small knot at the base of your truck, before your roots, which are your legs and arms, and that's how tiny your stomach bulge is today."

EC, "Thank you! I consider that a complement to be compared to a might sturdy tree. I guess it's because I haven't had my whole wheat grain in a couple days, while trying out millet seeds.

"I find wheat's elasticity it gives my skin for wound healing really good, but makes me feel happy but foggy and sluggish in the feet. Especially, in the mornings. Though I don't seem to feel foggy and sluggish when eating Millet, but it may be my gut resting from all the wheat fiber processing. Just reacting to not having inflammation like when I first stop wheat because I thought I was a Celiac , but I do get that happy opioid feeling eating straight boiled water and milk Millet Porridge too.

Smiling Mitzy, "Happy dopamine feeling that they talk about on TV?

EC, "I think! I need to facilitate this production in my body by providing it the right tools, like drawing or painting a good illustration."

Looking into the mirror, in side view, EC says,"I really need to strengthen my core. I've heard it will get rid of the stomach bulge: tighter stomach muscles."

Three Blue Jays at one time on the deck this morning, wowed EC says, "Oh my! They are such a beautiful vibrant royal blue combined with black and white detailing."

Mitzy replies, "Their black pointed beaks look sharp, and I wouldn't want to mess with them."

the pigeons creating a fighting ruckus of kookie-do-del-do's, so EC goes out to the deck, stands onto the chair to throw a cup of sunflower seeds onto the roof.

Back inside, EC says, "I'm going to see how many new Mars Diner customers need nourishment.

Looking out the attic window, EC sees the cherry tree's leaves are beginning to change color to a bright bold red orange, but only on the top outer branch tips leaves.

Unfortunately, one of the television antenna's metal rods finally broke, and it is where EC just threw the new pigeons, which she sees, EC thinks, "Welcome to the Mars Diner for lots of fun and good food. These birds may be passing through heading to the warm south. I may like to hitch a ride with you."

Downstairs, EC notices more Blue Jays coming to collect mostly favoring roasted peanuts, so she says, "I better get to drawing since I now also have the first hand privilege of seeing Blue Jay birds, but I wonder if there are so many today because they are attracted to the color of the extra blue plastic night seed and nut storage container I placed out yesterday evening?"

Smiling because of pigeons, doves, and sparrows are eating just above her, on the roof, so EC's grateful heart warms to experience the joy of giving.

Turning the wooden stick, EC opens the sliding door wooden blind, "This is better to see the blue jay coming. Since winter is coming, we don't have as many sparrows."

Temperature changes dramatically to cool and gray outside, "The drying dry heat inside and the cold moist outside I'm thinking that must be confusing to the body, so I wonder what I could do to help it out other than moisturizers.

Mitzy, "Basically, consider emollient and humectant foods, maybe?

"Fat protect or insulates, I would imagine?

EC is drawing a blue Jay and notices they have long blue legs to match their feathers, EC says, "That's why I think they hop so quickly from place to place, which is very hard to draw detail with: unlike, the sweet dove, which didn't move at all for at least a few minuets.'

And that little blue cap onto the Blue Jay's head is such a cute barre, matching symmetrical strips dress its blue wings and white underbelly make it look like an officer in charge.

Ms. Elizabeth plays in the wine barrel checking out a peanut plant growing.

EC sees the mastic sunflower that once brighten everyones summer is unfortunately all eaten of its seeds, but still keeps its long strong stalk.

However the large flower is now mushroom shape, limp and dried up of pedals, but its stalk is still bent from the flowers heavy seeds. EC says, "Now it looks like a miniature old fashion street light."

Mitzy says, "I may understand that!"

EC goes, "What?"

Mitzy, "The reason exterior animals enjoy the peanuts and sunflower seeds over millet is because." Mitzy pauses her helicopter on the dining table.

Both EC and Mitzy notice the birds chirping on the roof goes to complete silence.

Mitzy continues, "It's because both have more fat then the millet."

The birds start chirping again.

EC says, "At least I understand now that if I ever feel dry, some areas of the face are a greaser skin, maybe not needing any oils.

"So then, I won't need to apply a thin layer application of moisturizer to both my porous oily fore head down to the nose t-zone or on my acne prone chin that's maybe needing cleansing and toning, but I only need apply anti-inflammatory oils like Argon or EVO to my dehydrated-dry-inflamed face parts happening on my face that for me are in the under eye, cheek and lips area mostly.

"Indeed, I can make oil topical applications to similar face areas similarly to the ancient concept and purpose of make-up blush and lipstick.

I'm wondering if drinking of water helps the topical oil bring moisture to that cheek area. I know touching and gently rubbing the cheek should draw in water or moisture to that skin area naturally, but does the oil need water combined to make it work more effectively absorbent topically.

Mitzy says, "Possibly thinning the oil?"

EC, "I see! Maybe thinner oil will help porous skin be absorbed better."

Mitzy, "Heat opens up skin pores, and cold closes them and shuts them down."

EC, "Okay! So, I can see how the temperature will effect oil moisture applications absorption on the face."

Mitzy, "It's probably why most people eat oily chicken hydrating soup in the cold of the winter season. Maybe, they don't have to make topical applications or so many of them."

Monday morning is louder than the weekend, and it was not such a good night, without the sweet raccoons visiting. EC sees that their peanuts weren't eaten, but EC always gets excited, "Oh, I can see See-see's gorgeous tail at his deck corner."

PIxie at her dish is waiting for some early morning after breakfast snack.

EC says to Pixie, "That is See-see's corner place, he is the only squirrel who climbs up the left north deck six-by-six beam to come to visit EC to get his shelled walnuts. I think he instinctually knows he needs protein fats for his shaky not so balanced self.

The hawk is out today, and it continues to become silent to only street rumble back to happy birds chirping. Ms. Charlie squirrels teen makes his single note alert however, which EC as imitates with him, I think that is an A note alto voice, not like the high E note alert of the Blue Jay.

EC then does a vocal scale exercise; then, she remembers how she loves to sing now that she feels moist.

"Its a hawk destressor." Mitzy know-it-all continues, "The vocal vibrations make her feel good because the break up toxins and help move stuff around especially endorphins in the brain.

EC says, "I think your brain is tapping into an online data search,"

Wanting a snack, EC goes to the kitchen singing: to stretch her vocal cord range beginning with her low quarter note O vowel slurring up a three octave scale.

EC comes back from the kitchen, and a Red Cardinal pops in to look at EC typing at the breakfast-nook, computer area window.

In awe, excited EC says melodically, like a poem, "Look at the beautiful orange beak matched up with those red feathers."

EC squeezes Pixie over a bit to share the large e stool she is comfortably curled up on.

EC pats purring Pixies head, EC adoringly says, "I love you!"

EC wonders, "If a wheat kernel is hard like candy, I'm thinking because of all the sugar fructose in it does it get hard during growth outside in the hot drying sun like boiling butter and sugar combined?"

Mitzy interrupts the loving moment, "Where are you going with this?"

"I'm still trying to wrap my head around the idea of continual weather temperature changes wether it's a rain monsoon or a winter blizzard possibly effecting diet changes," says EC.

Not much past noon, EC sees See-see is beginning to move like his old self. For the first time, in months, See-see is munching peanuts at his old location, where the cardinal just visited. He jumps to the Cherry Tree, and he is moving through the branches like a swift not wobbly squirrel.

"Oh! That's so good to see,' EC pausing to think, "I wonder if he's more agile also because today is so anti-inflammitory cool but wet and drizzly day outside or is it a See-see look-a-like?"